Matt sits in a doorway of a brick house and looks off-camera. He is wearing a denim jacket and tan sweater.

Matthew A. Roberson

Ahoy! I’m a Pittsburgher with a deep background in writing and editing. Below are some examples of work that I’ve done. More writing samples are over on the main page of this site.


Alleged Beef: Stumpy, I’m Takin a Walk around Town: The Legacy of Howard Hawks’ Rio Bravo
Radiology Oncology Systems: Pre-Owned Varian 21EX/iX Silhouette vs. Pre-Owned Varian 600CD/EX *
The Daily Athenaeum: Ani Difranco brings her ‘righteous babe’ appeal to the CAC




The Daily Athenaeum: The Triplets of Belleville review
Alleged Beef: A Taxonomy of Compulsive Collecting
Copyediting for The Lotus People: August Is For Animals






Copyediting for Alleged Beef: On Lone Star
Copyediting for American Economic Review: A Few Bad Apples? Racial Bias in Policing
Proofreading for Triple Crown Publications: The Cartel’s Daughter (opens book on Amazon)











The Dominion Post: The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl review (opens in PDF)
The Dominion Post: Exhibit seeks painters to design dinosaurs (opens in PDF)
The Dominion Post: Hero review (opens in PDF)











Copyediting for edX: AI Boot Camp landing page (opens to edX site)



My current résumé is available here.


* Some copy for this client was ghostwritten or content was written and then repurposed.